User FAQ

How do I log in?

You can find your unique organization’s link in the email you received to onboard. Bookmark that link so you can easily access it later! It should look something along the lines of:

You can also log in here with your organization’s ID.

What types of events can I create?

As a user of your organization’s Five to Nine, you’ll be able to suggest events to your organizers. These can include workshops, work socials, learning & development opportunities, fitness classes, guest speaker events, etc. Five to Nine is your central place to manage these kinds of events. Just suggest it in your organization’s platform and an administrator will follow up with approval for publishing.

Who can see the events I create?

Only users registered on your organization’s Five to Nine will be able to see events published on the platform. All events are visible to members signed up on Five to Nine (we’re working on updating some privacy options!).

Can I edit an event once it’s created?

Yes, if you are an organizer who created the event, you’ll be able to click into the event and edit the details.

What are groups?

Groups are online communities built to organize meet-ups, workshops, socials, and more. Use the groups feature to connect with your team or employee resource group and all the latest happenings.

What are posts?

Posts allow you to start the conversation, whether it’s through a question, interesting article you’d like to share, or recent accomplishment.

How do I change my notification settings?

Click on your profile picture, then “Settings”. In the “Notification” tab, you’ll be able to update your notification settings, ranging from alerts for upcoming events to messaging notifications.

What does it mean to “follow” a group or event?

Following groups and events will allow you to receive notifications about updates. When an event changes location, you’ll be notified through email so you can keep track of the latest.

Can I add an event to my own personal calendar?

Yes! After RSVPing to an event, or on the event page itself, you’ll have the option to export the event to iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook.

Is there a calendar view?

You’ll be able to toggle between list and calendar view on the top left corner of the events page, so you can better see what’s coming up on a monthly basis.

What are filters?

If your organization has multiple offices, you can search for events by office, as well as by category.

How do I message someone?

In the top right corner of the screen next to your profile picture, you’ll see a messaging icon. Select “Create Conversation” to start chatting with a member of your organization’s Five to Nine.

Have any other questions? Reach out to [email protected].