Sending invites via Slack

Send an event invite to a Slack channel so your guests can RSVP via Slack. 


Step 1: Select ‘Slack Invite’ when you reach the Invitations page after publishing your event.  

Step 2: Open the ‘Slack Invite’ tab next to ‘Guest List’ and select which channel(s) you’d like to send your invite to. 

Customize your message to include in the Slack channel invite.

🙌 When you’re ready, select ‘Send Slack Invite’ to send your invite to your selected Slack channel(s)!

Your guests will receive an invite and can respond within Slack. Your guests will be added to the Calendar invite once they RSVP. 

Any time a member of the Slack channel RSVPs to the event, they will be added to your guest list. If a calendar invite is enabled, RSVP’d guests will be added to the Google or Outlook calendar invite as guests.