Sending an Email Invite

An email invite will include the name, time, location, and event description, along with a link to the event page. Customize your email’s subject line and message. 

Step 1: When you publish your event, select ‘Email Invite’ when you reach the Invitations page.

Step 2Once you’ve enabled ‘Email Invite’, go to the Email Invite tab next to ‘Guest List’. 

Step 3: Filter for guests by office, group, or contact list and select which guests you’d like to invite to the event.

  • The guests you add will appear in ‘Selected contacts’
  • Upload a CSV of guests or add emails manually to add people to the guest list.

Note: if your event’s privacy is set to ‘Organization’ or ‘Private’, your guests will need to sign into Five to Nine to be able to view the event page. 

Step 4: Customize your email invite’s subject line and message

  • Send yourself a test email invite to see what the email will look like to your guests

Step 5: Select when to send your email: either immediately or schedule the invitation to be sent out.

🙌 When you’re ready, select ‘Send Invite’ to send your email invite!

Guests will receive an email with a link to RSVP to the event. When they select ‘RSVP’ in the email, they will automatically be RSVP’d to the event.

Note: the link in the email leads to the event page. If your event privacy is set to ‘Organization’ or ‘Private’, your guests will need to have Five to Nine accounts to view the page.