We built Five to Nine to revolutionize the employee experience. 

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We’ve been there before: started a new job, received a promotion, or excited to start a new project , only to find that it was difficult to engage in our work environments. Whether we don’t feel seen in our company culture, or are too anxious to attend something alone, there are plenty of barriers to actively participating in one’s work culture. This is the case for many - over 70% of young professionals would like closer relationships at work, but only 5% agree that their organizations are doing enough to provide those opportunities.

That’s why we built Five to Nine. Our culture engagement platform provides employees the opportunity to discover groups of interest, build relationships at work, and explore communities together. Employees can self-organize events and pre-planned experiences in efforts to increase team productivity and collaboration. Management can access real-time analytics from employee feedback in order to drive people and culture strategy.

As experienced professionals who have worked across the spectrum of companies who do and don’t get this right, our team knows how important it is to feel included and happy at work. Our mission is to create a dynamic employee experience that fosters connection and empowers your organization to invest in its people the right way. 

We can’t wait to help move your culture forward. 

Jasmine Shells, CEO & Co-Founder

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