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Helping you invest in the right programs for your people

Five to Nine is an enterprise SaaS platform that helps companies manage and measure their employee programming. We found that less than 10% of companies know the ROI behind their employee engagement programs. Companies are spending thousands to millions of dollars on employee engagement initiatives, and more often than not, have no way of measuring their impact on culture, inclusion, and business. Five to Nine helps companies close that gap and manage their initiatives - from employee resource group events to manager workshops - as well as communicate the impact of engagement programming company-wide.

The Five to Nine team is helping shape the future of work.

Our team has been through the good, bad, and ugly of company culture. In our previous roles, we became frustrated with the mediocre initiatives that existed in our organizations. That’s why we built a platform that helps employees participate actively in their company’s ongoing story, while also streamlining data for organizers to communicate the impact of their initiatives so leadership can continue to successfully invest in its people. 

We have backgrounds in organizational psychology and creating impactful employee engagement programs and are advised by thought leaders in  HR tech, D&I, and enterprise software. Companies are not fully engaging employees demonstrated needs, and our goal is to help companies create a space where employees thrive professionally and socially.

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