Okta OIDC Configuration Guide Instructions – Five to Nine

Supported Features

The OIDC features supported by the Five to Nine app include Service Provider (SP)-Initiated Authentication (SSO) Flow.


In order to enable the Okta integration, users must have a live platform in our Five to Nine application. Users must also be admins on Okta with access to adding applications for the organization.

Configuration Steps

There are two steps to configure your Okta organization with your FiveToNine platform.

1. Add FiveToNine application on Okta with OpenID connect

2. Add FiveToNine application on Okta with Bookmark

The second application will be shown to your users on their dashboard, so that they can click on it and enter FiveToNine platform.

Add FiveToNine application on Okta with OpenID connect

  1. Log into your organization’s Okta admin page. Go to ‘Applications’

2. Select ‘Browse App Catalog’ 

3. Search for ‘FiveToNine’ in the App Integration Catalog

4. Once you select ‘Add’, you’ll be directed to add the FiveToNine app. Add an application label and enter your Subdomain. Your subdomain is the pre-fix of the

Example: if your Five to Nine URL is: https://[your-organization].fivetonine.community/

Your Subdomain is [your-organization]

4. After clicking the Next button, you will be asked to select a Sign-On option. For this application, you need to select OpenID Connect under Sign-On Options

5. After adding this application, switch to your Five To Nine platform. Go to the Integrations tab in Settings

You will see the following screen:

6. Click on the ‘Set up Okta’ button. You will see following prompt:

7. You’ll need to fill out the shown variables (Okta Client ID, Okta Client Secret, Okta Issuer) which you can find in your added Okta application.

8. Click on the ‘Set Up Okta’ button and your Five To Nine platform will be integrated with your Okta application.

🎉 Users can now sign into Five to Nine via Okta.