MasterClass builds community in remote work times with unique and engaging events

Navigating the lasting changes that the pandemic has caused in our workplace practices and culture has been a challenge for all of us. Not only have our individual work behaviors shifted by working remotely, but efforts to maintain community and relationships have been especially hard in the Zoom-fueled year that was (and continues to be!) 2020.

Luckily, MasterClass was able to hone in on what makes virtual connection successful by hosting unique and engaging events on Five to Nine. With over 80 events and close to 1,500 RSVPs, MasterClass Employee Experience leaders crafted dynamic experiences, ranging from learning to fun socials. The initiatives from organizers at MasterClass resulted in a high 82 Average Net Promoter Score (NPS) across events throughout the year.

By leveraging employee feedback, MasterClass organizers discovered that events with a learning component performed well with guests. Employees took part experience sharing events focused on diversity & inclusion, such as:


  • Exploring Armenian culture and current state of affairs;
  • Discussing what it’s like being Latinx in the US;
  • Bringing experts in to discuss the company’s diversity & inclusion initiatives

These events not only were well attended, with up to 140 RSVPs in a 450+ size company, but also received best-in-class Net Promoter Scores of 82. At a time when so much was going on in the world, talking about these issues and sharing each other’s experiences helped create a sense of empathy and relationship-building.

Beyond learning experiences, MasterClass also found some really fun activities to up the serotonin in these trying times. A highlight was adapting the popular MTV show, Cribs, to turn in onto the employees to show off their quarantine nests. The success of this event led to it becoming a staple of MasterClass’s quarantine routine. 

    MasterClass organizers did an incredible job of not only putting on creative events, but also creating a dialogue with their employees to better inform what’s working and what’s not.

    Overall, MasterClass events received an 82 NPS along with insightful comments from employees.

    “This was the most incredible hour. Thank you to the presenters for sharing your stories and welcoming questions. What an authentic, special experience.”

    “It was so great to hear the stories of the Latin x employees at MasterClass and learn about their experiences. I definitely feel like this brought the team closer together!”

    “I was able to attend 20 minutes in, and it was great knowing that we are working toward a more inclusive, safe work environment! I loved hearing the stories and shared experiences of others, especially in this moderated conversation. I think I missed a presentation that was shown in the beginning of the conversation, will the presentation be shared? 

    Thank you! This experience was great! “