Managing users and permissions

Invite your colleagues to join Five to Nine to manage and browse events and groups.

Adding Users to Five to Nine

Step 1: Go to Settings and then the Users tab.

Step 2: Invite a user and enter the following info:

  • Name
  • Email
  • User role

        – Admin: Can manage all events and groups, and modify organization settings. 

        – Organizers: Can create events and groups on the platform. 

        – Users: Can browse events and groups on the platform. 

 See all permissions:

🎉Your users were invited! They will receive an email to sign up for Five to Nine. 

Your invited users will appear in the ‘Invited’ tab in Users.

Deactivating users

Step 1: To deactivate a user on the platform, select the minus (-) icon on a user. 

Step 2: Confirm you’d like to deactivate the selected user. The deactivated user will no longer be able to sign into Five to Nine. 

✅ Your user was deactivated.

You can see users you’ve deactivated in the ‘Deactivated’ tab in Users