Managing your groups

Groups are a home page for your ERGs, communities, and interest groups. With Groups, you can manage membership and publish events sponsored by your group. 

Creating a group

Step 1: Navigate to the Groups page, and select ‘Create Group’ 

Note: You must be an ‘Admin’ or an ‘Organizer’ on Five to Nine to create a Group. 

Step 2: Edit your Group’s details:

  • Group Name
  • Cover Image: will be displayed on your Group’s home page. 
  • External link: add a link to another site to display on your Group’s home page. 
  • Description
  • Group Type
  • Privacy: you can make your group private so it’s only visible to members you add. Otherwise, your group can be discovered by anyone with a Five to Nine account. 
  • Group Offices: add offices to your group.
  • Group Admins: add other Five to Nine users to help manage your group. They’ll be able to edit group details and manage group members. 

Note: You can allow anyone who is an ‘Organizer’ on Five to Nine to edit your group. 


🙌 Voila, your Group is now created.

You can now add group members and start publishing events to your group. 

Adding Group members

Add contacts on Five to Nine as group members. 

1. Go to the ‘Members’ tab of your Group and select ‘Select from Contacts’.

2. Filter your contacts by Contact List and select which Contacts will be added to your group. 

🙌 Your group members have been added. 

Now you can send event invites to this Group and manage group members.