Jellyvision sees 4x improvement in NPS of All-Hands Meetings thanks to visibility gained through Five to Nine

Jellyvision’s program managers were able to detect key insights from employees at their company all-hands meeting that led to continuous improvement in the way meetings were structured.

Over 400 employees strong, Jellyvision develops software that “makes learning and decision making delightful” by helping employees better understand their benefits. Through time, the Chicago-based company has scaled their award-winning workplace culture by emphasizing transparency and communication. In adapting to remote times, Jellyvision is redesigning what it means to work flexibly and using Five to Nine to create a robust set of programs that can work virtually.

In addition to their wide variety in programming for employees – including, but not limited to: Weekly Yoga, Virtual Spelling Bee, and learning and development sessions – Jellyvision hosts a monthly All-Hands meeting with all employees. The organizers at Jellyvision leveraged Five to Nine to collect feedback from attendees on their experiences. Using Five to Nine’s automated and customizable surveys, organizers at Jellyvision were able to capture the precise feedback they wanted to make improvements.  

    As a result of Jellyvision’s feedback cycle, employee engagement improved at the All-Hands meetings by 4x, measured by NPS.


    Some of the key learnings were about meeting materials, Q&A format improvements, and the content being presented.

    While the state of the all-hands meetings are constantly evolving, the gatherings are a staple of Jellyvision’s culture. And plus – the hard work by program organizers is being recognized, with one guest saying they took the feedback from previous meetings and really used it to improve and it’s noticed!”