Getting started with Outlook Calendar

The Five to Nine Outlook Calendar integration allows you to export events on Five to Nine to an Outlook Shared Calendar so you can add events to your company’s calendar system.

Setting up Outlook Shared Calendar for your organization on Five to Nine

Step 1: Navigate to Settings and to the Integrations tab.

Step 2: Sign into Outlook and grant Calendar permissions.

Step 3: Select which calendar(s) you’d like to enable with Five to Nine. Users will be able to export events created on Five to Nine to the selected Google Calendars.

Your Outlook Calendar is set up! 🎉

Five to Nine users will now be able to export events to selected calendar(s) on Outlook.


Managing the Outlook Calendar Integration


You can add or remove synced calendars by going to the Integrations tab in Settings and selecting Google Calendar.

Check or uncheck the calendars you’d like to sync with or remove from the Five to Nine platform.