DoorDash builds event marketing strategy to increase program visibility

DoorDash used Five to Nine to create unique promotional materials for events during heritage months to increase program engagement.  

Within just a few years, DoorDash teams have created more than 7 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), opened several offices with dedicated communities, and implemented weekly All Hands meetings. Despite the hard work going into planning programming, employees were not able to fully engage with events due to scheduling and lack of visibility. Event engagement was also not being tracked, which made it difficult to assess which events were well attended.

DoorDash worked with Five to Nine’s platform to build a pipeline of more than 80 events. Events were promoted with a mix of Slack, calendar invites, and custom landing pages to create more brand visibility across DoorDash programming. By leveraging Google Calendar on Five to Nine, employees also had visibility into a shared calendar with upcoming programming.

With an average NPS of over 80, DoorDash events were best-in-class when it came to engaging their employees. 

Included in this score is a wide range of events such as Cooking Classes, Social Impact Panels, and Bring Your Kids to Work Day. Each event series had its own custom landing page to create a branded feel for each event. As a result, DoorDash program organizers were able to track the views on each series of events, as well as RSVPs on each event.

    While program management and employee communications is a continuous work in progress, establishing an infrastructure for tracking program engagement and creating a thoughtful, cohesive experience for employees was a huge step.

    Here’s a peak at what guests had to say  

    “Feeling SEEN and grateful to have community in action. First time ever participating in an ERG and kinda emotional –> in the BEST way. Met some lovely folks and I’m all types of inspired and ready for what will come / what can be made for more programming.

    “This event was an amazing opportunity to get to meet other people in the company and connect on a personal level.”

    “The facilitator and the entire panel were incredible, it was hands down the best, most practical, and most compelling D&I session I’ve ever attended.”