Creating and publishing your event

We’re improving our event builder all the time. Here’s a quick overview of how you can create an event on Five to Nine.

Set your event details

Set a name for your event and edit your basic event details:

● Date & Time: Schedule your event and make it a recurring event if needed.

● Timezone: The timezone in your profile will be the default timezone for any event you create.

● Location: whether it’s an address or a Zoom link, let your guests know how they can tune into the event. Learn more [Link to Zoom set up] about adding a Zoom link to your event.

● Description: Add and format a description for your event.

● Cover Image: Include a cover image for your event page.

● Event Type: Add an event type to this event, from Workshops to Volunteer events. See more about creating event types here [link to Settings guide]

● Group: You can add one or more groups to an event, and the event will be displayed in the selected groups’ pages.

● Office: Assign your event an office so people can more easily filter and find your event.


Set your event’s privacy to determine who can see and RSVP to your event.

● Organization: anyone in the organization that has a valid company email address can view the event page and RSVP to the event. .

● Private: only people that are invited can view the event page and RSVP to the event.

Open to Public: anyone with the event page link can view and RSVP to the event.


Add one or more co-hosts to manage the event alongside you. When you add another event co-host, they’ll receive a link to edit the event with you and will see the event sidebar. Other Admins on the Five to Nine platform can edit any event as well. 

Additional options

Need to add a few settings to your event? These include:

● Event budget: add an event budget to track spend on an event

● Accessibility information: accessibility details you add here will be displayed on the event page for guests to see.


Add links to resources for your event, like more information on the venue or relevant content. You can name your resource and add a link to it to be displayed on the event page.


Enable a post-event survey to send to guests that have RSVP’d to your event. You can create pre-event questions to ask your guests when they RSVP, and a post-event survey for after the event is done. Learn more about customizing your surveys.

🙌 When you’re ready, Publish your event!