Create Company Events that Last


So you’ve got an awesome event you’re planning for your coworkers, but you don’t know how to add that extra oomph to make it a meaningful experience. Apart from the headache that logistics can be sometimes, it can also be a lot of pressure to ensure coworkers see it as a memorable event. Fear not! There are ways to hype up your events and create memorable experiences that can be staples of your company culture.

Determine why you’re having this event

Is this experience meant to educate employees on new software or upcoming product launches? Or is it an all-hands volunteer outing? Context is key in determining how you approach planning. Make sure the event has a strategic purpose, whether it be to foster a more collaborative culture or celebrating a huge achievement. An Eventbrite report shows some of the top reasons why events are put together: providing education and training (43%), building community (30%), fostering business relationships (29%), and raising brand awareness (20%). Make sure that your event furthers the goal.

It’s also important to recognize different facets of your culture – what makes it unique? What about your culture is represented in company events? Leverage your company culture’s strengths to really set the experience in the right context. This way, employees aren’t blindsided with an event that doesn’t have a familiar feel.

Ask employees what they want

It’s so important to get a sense of what employees want from the event. Often times in planning an experience we get so caught up in the details of it all that we forget that not everyone may agree on what makes for an appealing event. Get together some potential options and try surveying your target audience for some inspiration. The mere fact that you asked for feedback will really go a long way in making employees feel cared for and heard. You may also be able to incorporate some ideas you hadn’t thought of that will make the event much more valuable.

Unleash the FOMO

Now you have the idea and the structure behind it, but will anybody even come if they don’t know about it or aren’t really interested? As a culture carrier, being on top of communicating the details of the event is the first necessary step. Try slowly revealing more details about the event or fostering discussion around the event as it comes closer, so people become more and more interested (and who doesn’t love some suspense?). Creating a sense of intrigue goes a long way in getting people engaged and interested in the event.

Your event should be the talk of the town, and if you can’t make it – you’re really missing out. Encourage coworkers to share pictures and stories from the event with others during and after. This will not only create advocates of company culture but also showcase the awesome culture-building events you’ve got in store for next time.

Create continuity

When events build off each other, they are stronger and more unifying occasions for your company brand. This is by no means to suggest that amazing, “one hit wonder” sort of events aren’t great, but they don’t necessarily build towards the experience of the employee towards the company culture.

Airbnb’s OneAirbnb event, for example, builds on its core premise of belonging by including employees in the conversation around what it’s like to work at the company. The annual event is a regular reminder that Airbnb invests in ensuring its employees’ happiness.

Collect feedback

In 2016, companies spent over $30 billion on events, with corporate events predicted to be the fastest-growing sector in the events space. How do we know if those dollars are going in the right places? It’s essential to measure employee sentiment after your event in order to get a more clear view of results. Putting numbers behind the sentiment is key, as this will give you more ammunition to make the case for investing in awesome events for your company culture.

Building community through events is a significant step towards creating a better employee experience. Through webinars, lunch and learns, and other L&D events, employees can learn together in a setting that sponsors their professional development. Implementing wellness programs and events centered around fitness can do a lot for a workforce’s wellbeing and productivity. Beyond boosting employee morale, community events do so much for promoting the idea of just taking a break in an increasingly fast-paced and complex work environment.

There are plenty of other details that go into executing a successful company event, but with the benefits of implementing consistent, adaptive experiences for employees, it’s worth investing a little bit of time. Stay tuned for more discussions on the Five to Nine blog about hyping up company experiences.

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