Five to Nine API

Five to Nine’s API is a quick and easy way to populate and view contact data. In Five to Nine, contacts can be easily added to Events, and are able to give feedback on Events. Contact data will also help your Five to Nine platform be a powerful analytics suite.

The Five to Nine API will return JSON. The API is also scoped to your organization and can be customized based on your needs. Reach out to your Five to Nine Customer Success representative to discuss further.


The Five to Nine API use authentication keys to allow access to the API. Each API Endpoint requires the API Key, and the key must be included in each request as a parameter. To authenticate with the server, replace {your_api_key} in the examples with your API key.

To get your organization API Key, reach out to your Five to Nine Customer Success representative.


    Attribute Attribute ID Attribute Type Value
    Username userName Personal --
    Given name givenName Personal user.firstName
    Family name familyName Personal user.lastName
    Middle name middleName Personal user.middleName
    Honorific prefix honorificPrefix Personal user.honorificPrefix
    Honorific suffix honorificSuffix Personal user.honorificSuffix
    Primary email email Personal
    Primary email type email Personal ( != null && != '') ? 'work' : ''
    Title title Personal user.title
    Display name displayName Personal user.displayName
    Nickname nickName Personal user.nickName
    Profile Url profileUrl Personal user.profileUrl
    Primary phone primaryPhone Personal user.primaryPhone
    Primary phone type primaryPhoneType Personal (user.primaryPhone != null && user.primaryPhone != '') ? 'work' : ''
    Address type addressType Personal (user.streetAddress != null && user.streetAddress != '') ? 'work' : ''
    Street address streetAddress Personal user.streetAddress
    Locality locality Personal
    Region region Personal user.state
    Postal Code postalCode Personal user.zipCode
    Country code country Personal user.countryCode
    Formatted Postal Address formatted Personal user.postalAddress
    Preferred language preferredLanguage Group user.preferredLanguage
    Locale locale Group user.locale
    Time zone timezone Group user.timezone
    User type userType Group user.userType
    Employee number employeeNumber Personal user.employeeNumber
    Cost center costCenter Group user.costCenter
    Organization organization Group user.organization
    Division division Group user.division
    Department department Group user.department
    Manager value managerValue Personal user.managerId
    Manager display name managerDisplayName Personal user.manager

    Sync Contact

    This api/public/contacts POST endpoint will allow you to send an array of contacts to create or update contact details. For each contact, email is the only required parameter. An example is below using cURL.

    curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{ "contacts": [ { "email": "", "first_name": "Jasmine", "last_name": "Shells", "gender": "Female", "birthday": "1988/11/02", "ethnicity": "Black", "start_date": "2018/01/22", "role": "CEO", "level": "CEO", "region": "USA", "full_time": "true" }, { "email": "", "gender": "Male", "first_name": "Dan", "last_name": "Kaplan", "birthday": "1980/02/02", "ethnicity": "White", "start_date": "2018/03/12", "role": "Marketing Associate", "level": "Associate", "region": "USA", "full_time": "true" } ] }' http://{subdomain}{your_api_key}

    Successful Response

    A successful response will let you know it succeeded.

    { "success": true, "code": 201, }

    View Contacts

    This api/public/contacts GET endpoint will allow you to view your contacts. You can do this by providing a comma separated list on the emails param. An example is below using cURL.


    curl -X GET -d, http://{subdomain}{your_api_key}

    Successful Response

    A successful response will return an array of contacts of the emails you used.


    { "contacts": [ { "email": "", "first_name": "Jasmine", "last_name": "Shells", "gender": "Female", "birthday": "1988-11-02", "ethnicity": "Black", "start_date": "2018-01-22", "role": "CEO", "level": "CEO", "region": "USA", "full_time": "true" }, { "email": "", "gender": "Male", "first_name": "Dan", "last_name": "Kaplan", "birthday": "1980-02-02", "ethnicity": "White", "start_date": "2018-03-12", "role": "Marketing Associate", "level": "Associate", "region": "USA", "full_time": "true" } ] }

    API Failures

    Failure Response

    There are two types of failures. An unauthorized failure will return a 401. This indicates the API Key is not correct or being used correctly. The other type of an error is a 400 This indicates the API Key was valid but the request failed likely due to poor syntax. If you need help, please contact your Five to Nine Customer Success Representative or reach out by email to

    { "success": false, "code": 401, }
    { "success": false, "code": 400, }