How to Give your Business a Positive Social Media Presence

Do you feel like your business is missing something on it’s Social Media? Here are some tips and tricks to really get your brand out there. Establish yourself on all mediums: Facebook and Twitter being the big ones. Maybe Instagram and Snapchat too, if you want to take it a little further. Facebook Promo: Schedule multiple posts to go up during the day. High Traffic times are around lunchtime, in the evening when people are [Read more…]

Appy Hour with Cayla Weisberg

Last Thursday night, Five to Nine took some notes at Appy Hour with headliner Cayla Weisberg. We talked and laughed over wine and listened to Cayla tell us just how we can become just as much of a boss as she is. We took the party over to Grind, a coworking space at 2 North Lasalle. The vibe was set by our friends at Alchomy, an app that helps you find the best drinks at [Read more…]

LPs and Records and Turntables, Oh My!

This Saturday, April 22, will be the 10th anniversary of Record Store Day. RSD, for short, celebrates indie record stores with special releases of vinyls and CDs for music fans all around. We’ve come up with a list of our four favorite record stores in Chicago who also take part in Record Store Day. Shuga Records Location: 1272 N Milwaukee Avenue In the heart of Wicker Park, you’ll find Shuga Records. Completed with shelves of [Read more…]

In Case You Missed It: Business Casual

Last Thursday night, Five to Nine tried on a new dress code at Business Casual: The Office Party that Doesn’t Suck. And if you know us, then you know that room was anything but stuffy. It all went down in our very own office at Brad’s Deals. Not only is the company gracious enough to host us as a part of their Women in Tech accelerator program, but they even let us throw house parties [Read more…]

Apps For The Busy Millennial 

Living in Chicago, life gets pretty busy and fast-paced. Work and personal life get to be overwhelming- and we don’t have time for the simple things like grocery shopping, walking the dog, and cleaning the house (or we’re just lazy). Here are a few services that can help you manage to keep your life together and maybe even get some extra time to yourself on the weekends.      Wag– walk your dog You love [Read more…]

Relax Rewind: Yoga, Mimosas, Mario Kart & more!

If you missed Relax Rewind, our 90’s yoga experience this past Tuesday, chill with us and let’s get you filled in. The calming aura in the room was brought on as soon as Yogi Andrea Pappas stepped onto her mat and began leading the mix of veteran and rookie yogis through their first stretches. Everyone was decked out in their favorite throwback fashions, with a rainbow of different colored yoga pants on display and even a full Beanie Baby [Read more…]

Things to do in Chicago: New Year’s Eve Edition

Now that Christmas has passed and presents have been opened (or maybe returned), it’s time to get crackin’ on those New Year’s Eve plans. Finally, a tumultuous 2016 has come to an end–we’ve been ready to usher in 2017 for what seems like forever. Luckily, with Chicago being Chicago, there’s no shortage of alcohol, parties, fireworks, and good times all around to celebrate the new year. Here’s a few events that are guaranteed to kick [Read more…]

3 Ways to Combat the Fear of Missing Out

Contributed by Guest Blogger, Michel Valbrun The Story It was all good just a week ago. I headed to gym with plans of hitting the weights—hawrd! I marched into Planet Fitness and headed straight for the 70-pound dumbbells. I threw on my headphones and started blasting Quentin Miller’s Drake’s “Energy”. As soon as I lay on the flat bench, my Samsung Galaxy 4 fell out of my pocket and onto the floor. In my arrogance, [Read more…]