How to Properly Interact with Your Neighborhood Pups

The nice weather is here and you know what that means- dogs are everywhere. They’re bringing their dogs to the park, to restaurants, to the coffee shop. Whether you like dogs or not, here’s a few tips for interacting with dogs to avoid an awkward moment or two. One of our interns here at Five to Nine happens to be a Dog Walker and a handler, so this is based off of her experience.   [Read more…]

5 Songs That you MUST add to your Summer Playlists

Is it just me or have the choices of ‘song of the summer’ been seriously underwhelming this year? Every summer, there’s one ESSENTIAL song that becomes everyone’s theme song for the season, whether it’s always being played on the radio, at the bar, and you just can’t seem to escape it. While that hit summer song hasn’t been heard yet (keyword: yet), here are five underrated songs that you should add to your summer playlist [Read more…]

Tequila on a Wednesday? Why not.

When National Margarita Day is on a Wednesday, we drink anyway! On February 22nd, Five to Nine hosted Exposition: Margarita—the first in a brand new series dedicated to bringing new takes on classic and favorite drinks to our members. With the help of the wonderful staff at Barcocina, the night was a great success. We kicked things off with half priced margaritas to start the night, all custom designed by the skilled bartenders on Barcocina’s [Read more…]

How Turning Down Obama Led to One Founder’s Success

Last week, we had our Appy Hour speaker series at Grind coworking space. We featured three founders who pitched their businesses to the audience before our special guest, Mike McGhee, the Co-Founder of The Starter League, took the stage. After graduating from Northwestern University, Mike threw himself into his idea. He taught himself how to code and brainstormed with his co-founder how they could teach others. Meeting with VCs about the idea first seemed promising, [Read more…]

Things to do in Chicago: New Year’s Eve Edition

Now that Christmas has passed and presents have been opened (or maybe returned), it’s time to get crackin’ on those New Year’s Eve plans. Finally, a tumultuous 2016 has come to an end–we’ve been ready to usher in 2017 for what seems like forever. Luckily, with Chicago being Chicago, there’s no shortage of alcohol, parties, fireworks, and good times all around to celebrate the new year. Here’s a few events that are guaranteed to kick [Read more…]

Networking for Those Who Don’t Like to Network

Networking seems to be one of those unpleasant facts of life, and it has become increasingly necessary for millennials who are trying to get ahead or stand out from their peers. Networking can be terrifying for those who are uncomfortable with the idea of selling themselves. It’s an inorganic situation that can feel awkward. But when used correctly, networking can be one of the most powerful tools for advancing your personal and professional goals, whether [Read more…]

October in Chicago: 5 Things to do

October in Chicago is our favorite time of the year. The weather is that perfect balance between cool autumn breezes and sunny skies. And along with pumpkins, vibrant foliage, and rich palates, comes many new activities that the city has to offer. Check out these fun spots with family and friends before the snow comes along! Honey Hill Orchard Where: 11747 Waterman Rd, Waterman, IL 60556 Located an hour’s drive from downtown Chicago, Honey Hill [Read more…]

3 Ways to Combat the Fear of Missing Out

Contributed by Guest Blogger, Michel Valbrun The Story It was all good just a week ago. I headed to gym with plans of hitting the weights—hawrd! I marched into Planet Fitness and headed straight for the 70-pound dumbbells. I threw on my headphones and started blasting Quentin Miller’s Drake’s “Energy”. As soon as I lay on the flat bench, my Samsung Galaxy 4 fell out of my pocket and onto the floor. In my arrogance, [Read more…]

5 Tips for Amazing Trips for Cheap

1. Go in the off season Once, I happened to be in Avon, a town near Vail Ski Resort that relies heavily on ski tourism, in the middle of July. The place was empty and deserted, and while there was no skiing to be done, the mountains were still beautiful for hiking and relaxation. The best part, however, was that all the amenities were still just as good as they were during the ski season [Read more…]

5 Summer Festivals to Check Out in Chicago

The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and the feel of summer has finally arrived in Chicago. Summer is when Chicago comes alive with festivities and events that cater to all sorts of tastes. There’s plenty to do both after-hours and during the weekends with friends, family–or even by yourself. In case you didn’t know, here are some great events to check out this summer! 1.Chicago SummerDance When: Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays until 9/11. [Read more…]