5 Tips for Amazing Trips for Cheap

1. Go in the off season Once, I happened to be in Avon, a town near Vail Ski Resort that relies heavily on ski tourism, in the middle of July. The place was empty and deserted, and while there was no skiing to be done, the mountains were still beautiful for hiking and relaxation. The best part, however, was that all the amenities were still just as good as they were during the ski season [Read more…]

5 Summer Festivals to Check Out in Chicago

The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and the feel of summer has finally arrived in Chicago. Summer is when Chicago comes alive with festivities and events that cater to all sorts of tastes. There’s plenty to do both after-hours and during the weekends with friends, family–or even by yourself. In case you didn’t know, here are some great events to check out this summer! 1.Chicago SummerDance When: Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays until 9/11. [Read more…]

Bouldering At Brooklyn Boulders

When Five to Nine members showed up to Brooklyn Boulders on April 28, only a few of them already knew each other and only one had ever gone rock climbing before, but that was years ago as a boy scout. Everyone collected harnesses and uncomfortable climbing shoes and then went on a tour of the 25,000 square foot climbing gym complete with weight and cardio equipment; fifteen foot bouldering walls with crash pads; and top-roping [Read more…]

Our Top 5 Happy Hours in Chicago

After a long day a work, it’s always good to let loose and enjoy life. Fortunately, the Illinois State Legislature lifted the ban against Happy Hours last year and many venues are now offering a great selection of food and drinks for a price that’s easy on the wallet, so what’s not to like? Now, we did the work so that you didn’t have to, and compiled a list of our top 5 happy hour [Read more…]

5 Ways to Take the ‘WORK’ Out of Networking

Well, if you’re anything like I was a couple of years ago, you find the darkest corner of the room and just stand there. Um, not so good. Not only was this super-creepy, but it also had me potentially leaving thousands—maybe even millions—on the table and out of my pockets. You may ask, “How can hiding in a corner with a drink in my hand, in a room full of wealthy and well-connected people lead [Read more…]