Is Your Job Boring You? Here’s Five Ways to Spice it Up

Work can get dull. Even if it’s your dream job, everyone can get in a rut. Here are some ways you can spice up your work life. Develop a dynamic with your coworkers Talk to them, get to know them. There’s so many different things you can do to make the work day go by faster. Joke around with them, tell them about your life. Vent to them about everything that’s stressing you out or [Read more…]

5 Songs That you MUST add to your Summer Playlists

Is it just me or have the choices of ‘song of the summer’ been seriously underwhelming this year? Every summer, there’s one ESSENTIAL song that becomes everyone’s theme song for the season, whether it’s always being played on the radio, at the bar, and you just can’t seem to escape it. While that hit summer song hasn’t been heard yet (keyword: yet), here are five underrated songs that you should add to your summer playlist [Read more…]

Five Tips to Keep your Millennial Employees at your Company

In this day and age, Millennials are all growing up and joining the work force. But a lot of millennials are always keeping an ambitious mindset: They’re always looking for the next best thing. Why should you care?      Currently, Millennials make up about 25% of the workplace. They are also more numerous than Baby Boomers, which should all be soon to retire. According to a study done by PWC, an accounting firm- 54% [Read more…]

Where to go to get your Chicago Hot Dog

Summer is here, which gives you an excuse to go out and explore your city. That’s what we’re here for! Not if you’re in Chicago, you HAVE to try a hot dog. We found the top 5 hot dog spots to hit up this summer. Devil Dawg’s  1431 N Milwaukee Chicago, IL 60622 767 South State St Chicago Il 60605 2147 N. Sheffield Ave Chicago Il 60614 Weiner Circle is known for a few things; [Read more…]

Five Chicago Bars to try this Summer

Summer’s coming! Which means it’s time to get out of that rainy day funk and go out. We found five bars around the loop for you to check out in these next warm months. Centennial Crafted Beer & Eatery  733 N LaSalle Dr, Chicago, IL 60654 Located in the 1888 Building, this Brewery features 56 taps and a selection of 36 rotating craft beers. In this Brewery, the idea is to celebrate the very craft beers [Read more…]

Is Your Startup Causing you Stress? Here are Some Tips to Get You Started

Do you own a startup? Are you stressed because it feels like nothing is working out? Fear not! Chicago is a great community to start a business. Take a look at these different ways to help your startup blossom. Accelerator/Startup Incubator Spaces Are you tired of working remotely or from home? Want your business to be taken seriously? Take a look into Business Accelerators or Startup Incubators. Accelerators help businesses grow their customer base, and [Read more…]

How to Give your Business a Positive Social Media Presence

Do you feel like your business is missing something on it’s Social Media? Here are some tips and tricks to really get your brand out there. Establish yourself on all mediums: Facebook and Twitter being the big ones. Maybe Instagram and Snapchat too, if you want to take it a little further. Facebook Promo: Schedule multiple posts to go up during the day. High Traffic times are around lunchtime, in the evening when people are [Read more…]

Appy Hour with Cayla Weisberg

Last Thursday night, Five to Nine took some notes at Appy Hour with headliner Cayla Weisberg. We talked and laughed over wine and listened to Cayla tell us just how we can become just as much of a boss as she is. We took the party over to Grind, a coworking space at 2 North Lasalle. The vibe was set by our friends at Alchomy, an app that helps you find the best drinks at [Read more…]