Don’t Sleep on these 8 Millennial Leaders in Chicago

Summer’s coming, which means more time for yourself. We both know that means more scrolling on your feed. At the beach, at the park, at lunch, you get it… Here are some people to keep your eye on and spice up your feed.

  • Stella Garber
    • As the VP of Marketing at Trello (recently acquired by Atlassian), Stella knows her way around the Startup industry. She’s helped start 3 tech companies; Feefighters, matchist, and Entrepeneurs Unplugged. She is a guest blogger for sites such as Technori, Tech Cocktail, and Psych World.
  • Andrew Mason
    • One of the founders of Groupon and founder of new app Detour , Andrew is a rockstar in the tech industry. Literally. He’s also released an album called Hardly Workin’ a 7-song album of motivational business songs geared toward people entering the work force to motivate them.
  • Jessica Sturdy
    • Jessica runs lifestyle blog, Bows and Sequins that mainly focuses on fashion. She works a lot with different fashion outlets to gather her own shop of products that she recommends.
  • Blake Grigsby
    • Blake is an innovative Youtuber who uses his videos to come up with a new challenge every week.
  • Lucy Rendler-Kaplan
    • Not only is Lucy a professional blogger who is featured on ChicagoNow, but she is the founder of her own marketing firm called Arkay Marketing, a PR firm that focuses on social media. Lucy is also an aspiring actor, she really
  • Katy Lynch
    • Katy Lynch is not only the former CEO of Techweek and Crunchbase, an online coding school meant for kids, she is a social media extraordinare. She’s also the founder of SocialKaty, a social media marketing firm. We don’t know how she does it all, but we do want to know her secret!
  • Matt Moog
    • Not only is Matt the founder of Built In Chicago, a website that creates a community for Chicago startups in the Business Community, he is the current CEO of Crunchbase- a customer review software company- on top of serving on many boards in the biz-tech community.
  • Nicole Yeary
    • Nicole is a leader for women in the tech industry. As the founder of MSTech, an organization that helps women start and scale their businesses in Chicago. Nicole started working in the insurance industry, helping found the website for Progressive insurance.

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