Five Tips to Keep your Millennial Employees at your Company

In this day and age, Millennials are all growing up and joining the work force. But a lot of millennials are always keeping an ambitious mindset: They’re always looking for the next best thing.

Why should you care?      Currently, Millennials make up about 25% of the workplace. They are also more numerous than Baby Boomers, which should all be soon to retire.

According to a study done by PWC, an accounting firm- 54% of millennials surveyed reported that they expected to have 2-5 employers in their lifetime.

“It’s clear that many millennials are keeping an eye out for new opportunities even if they are not actively looking for a new job. 38% of the millennials questioned who are currently working said they were on the lookout for new opportunities, and a further 43% said they were not actively looking, but would be open to offers.”

“It’s clear that millennials will be a powerful generation of workers and that those with the right skills will be in high demand. They may be able to command not only creative reward packages by today’s standards, but also influence the way they work and where and how they operate in the workplace. They may also represent one of the biggest challenges that many organizations will face.”


Are you worried now about keeping your millennial employees? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s five critical tips towards maintaining your Millennial Employees:

  • Let them work independently
    • Don’t hound them with projects and assignments constantly. Periodic check-ins where they tell you their progress on what you’ve given, and then you in turn give them new assignments are what most millennials find appropriate.
  • Let them know that their voices can be heard
    • Always keep an open door policy. Keep your relationship personal enough for them to feel comfortable working for you, but still professional. They will follow your lead and reciprocate if they can.
  • Identify their key values and goals
    • Help them figure out what they want to achieve with their work at your company, and commit to helping them achieve it. If they do end up achieving it, help them come up with more goals to set.
  • Let them grow
    • Promotions aren’t hard to give, even if it’s just a better title. If they’re doing good work, be sure to let them know. If they want to enhance their skills in something else, help them do so.
  • Let them work from home or travel
    • If they feel that they need a change in environment, let them. As long as their work is getting done, there’s no reason why their schedule needs to be sit in stone.


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