How to Give your Business a Positive Social Media Presence

Do you feel like your business is missing something on it’s Social Media? Here are some tips and tricks to really get your brand out there.

  • Establish yourself on all mediums: Facebook and Twitter being the big ones. Maybe Instagram and Snapchat too, if you want to take it a little further.
  • Facebook Promo: Schedule multiple posts to go up during the day. High Traffic times are around lunchtime, in the evening when people are getting off work, and in the morning when people are waking up. Schedule events if your business is having an event of some sort, share, invite. Run promo codes. Run Testimonials on social media featuring your team and your audience to add a personal element.
  • Engage your audience. Run sharing contests, giveaways goodies on the Facebook page, interact with your followers. If they comment, respond. Follow them back and respond to their messages.
  • Share articles relating to your audience. Many people really enjoy going onto social media to read articles and engage their intelligence- a lot of people will go on social media specifically to keep up with current events.
  • Make sure you have established profiles on Yelp and Google, two big websites for businesses. People will rate you and give you reviews. It sounds scary at first, but it makes you look confident enough about your business to receive public reviews.

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