Apps For The Busy Millennial 

Living in Chicago, life gets pretty busy and fast-paced.

Work and personal life get to be overwhelming- and we don’t have time for the simple things like grocery shopping, walking the dog, and cleaning the house (or we’re just lazy). Here are a few services that can help you manage to keep your life together and maybe even get some extra time to yourself on the weekends.

     Wagwalk your dog

You love your furry friend, but having a pet means being responsible for it. Especially in the city, you have to walk your dog at least three to four times a day if you don’t want your whole house to smell faintly like pee and Lysol. Wag is a dog walking service that sends certified and insured dog walkers to your home to take careful care of your furry friend. You can also request someone to board your dog or dog sit for you while you are out of town, giving you peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being taken care of.

Luxepark your car

Don’t have enough time or patience to find a parking spot? Who does?! Just tell Luxe where you will be and they will send a certified and insured valet to meet you and not only will they park your car, but they will park it in one of their secure lots. Also, just ask and they can also fuel it up and wash it for you. Then once you’re ready, just tell Luxe and they will drive it right back to where you are!

Eat Purelycook your food

Do you hate cooking, but also hate yourself for ordering junk on other delivery apps? Try out Eat Purely- they deliver organic, homemade meals straight to your door. Just open up the app and see what’s on the menu for tonight, or if you’re ordering in advance- you can see what they have for the day. On Demand delivery takes 20 minutes- all you need to do is order and fresh organic food will be right at your door.

Wischenclean your house

Wischen delivers on-demand cleaning service at the push of a button. Just use their handy estimator to see how long it will take them to be able to dig through your mess to get to the floor  and how much you’ll be paying them to do so. Add in specific cleans too for special attention in areas such as the fridge, the cabinets, oven, windows, interior walls, and even laundry.

InstaCartdo your grocery shopping

Who really has time to go to the grocery store nowadays? Your weeks are so busy, you just want to be lazy on the weekends. No one wants to go all the way to the store to lug back food. Instacart delivers it right to your door.


Five to Nineplan your social life

Here at Five to Nine, we live for more than the weekend. We live for walking out of work excited to go out and have fun. Some time to have fun, sit back, have a drink, and laugh with friends. Relax is our favorite word.

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