Tequila on a Wednesday? Why not.

When National Margarita Day is on a Wednesday, we drink anyway! On February 22nd, Five to Nine hosted Exposition: Margarita—the first in a brand new series dedicated to bringing new takes on classic and favorite drinks to our members. With the help of the wonderful staff at Barcocina, the night was a great success.

We kicked things off with half priced margaritas to start the night, all custom designed by the skilled bartenders on Barcocina’s staff. The kitchen even hooked us up with awesome apps like shrimp quesadillas, fried potato balls, and Barco’s famous chips & guac. That was enough to get the party started.

And once we got started, we kept on going. We had more than sixty attendees, all with killer marg flavors like the Devil’s Avocado, “Jaleberry”, and Szechuan Peppercorn in hand! The space got a bit tight, but with everyone moving like they were, no one seemed to notice.

We had a great time at Exposition: Margarita and hope to see everyone at the next Five to Nine experience— Rewind: 90’s Throwback Yoga. We’re partnering with Lisa app and Tea Squares to bring you back to the most poppin’ time with killer tunes, contests, massages, food, drink and more. It’s all going down at Tuesday, March 7th at Breather on 954 W Washington St at 6:30. Don’t miss out, RSVP here!

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