Bouldering At Brooklyn Boulders

When Five to Nine members showed up to Brooklyn Boulders on April 28, only a few of them already knew each other and only one had ever gone rock climbing before, but that was years ago as a boy scout. Everyone collected harnesses and uncomfortable climbing shoes and then went on a tour of the 25,000 square foot climbing gym complete with weight and cardio equipment; fifteen foot bouldering walls with crash pads; and top-roping walls, some with auto-belay machines and some requiring a human belayer.

person on the rainbow wall

Most started on the bouldering wall, where climbing’s community aspect was in full view: members cheered each other on as they made their way up to the top of the wall one after another. Some started climbing the big walls with the auto-belay machines, and community member Adebola Giwa even took a selfie from the top of the wall, scaring onlookers who expected him to drop his phone.

adebola selfie

After climbing for three hours, the crew went to Haymarket Pub and Brewery around the corner for some well-deserved recovery beers.


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